Fundamental Rights and Principles; Liber Amicorum Pieter van Dijk

TitelFundamental Rights and Principles; Liber Amicorum Pieter van Dijk
PublicatietypeBoek (Bijdrage)
Jaar van publicatie2013
Auteur(s)van Roosmalen, Marjolein, Vermeulen Ben, van Hoof Fried, and Oosting Marten
Secondary AuthorsC.J.M. Schuyt
PlaatsCambridge, Antwerp, Portland
ISBN Nummer9781780681085
Trefwoordenhuman rights, recht

Fundamental Rights and Principles. Pieter van Dijk has dedicated his working life to these values. This Liber amicorum with portraits and essays in his honour is also a volume in which fundamental rights and principles ares analyzed from various perspectives by a number of (former) colleagues and friends.

Kees Schuyt, Freedom of Conscience and Tolerance in the Dutch Cultural Tradition, pp. 417-429

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